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About Medslat

Medslat Global Services LLC is a virtual intelligence company with cutting-edge technology, deploying quick and easy access to use digital applications designed to help people get medical services at their finger tips. Medslat solution is designed with one major objective in mind to save lives and money by reducing the cost and time most people would probably spend accessing such needed medical and healthcare services by as much as 35% or more in some cases.

People should be able to access their health record at the swipe of a finger, consult with any doctor or consultant both far and near as well as get administered to with ease no matter their location. The cry of most people in remote parts of the world is the inability to access qualified medical and healthcare practitioners; Therefore, Medslat is a responder to this challenge.

We are soaring on the wings of top of the range technology, deploying virtual intelligence to deliver top-notch medical and healthcare services. Medslat makes it practically possible to access any medical and healthcare practitioner in any part of the world at a flip of your finger.

Therefore, Medslat healthcare service delivery solution is built to facilitate smooth communication and consultation between patients and medical experts. Users can easily access numerous medical facilities and services globally right on their palm. All approved medical providers on Medslat are given access to software tools of international specifications to help facilitate best practice possible.

Medslat was borne out of the growing need to provide fast and affordable access to top-notch medical care. A frightening reality is that the cost of accessing quality healthcare services has steadily gone out of the reach of the average person.

For the few that are able to pay the huge medical bills or afford comprehensive medical insurance, they are often faced with the challenge of timely access to what they have paid for. The need for access to medical and healthcare services cannot be overemphasized.

This combined with the alarming disparity in patient-doctor ratio in most African countries, and third world countries gives deep cause for concern. This dilemma inspired the creation of Medslat which provides a meeting point for patients, doctors and relevant healthcare service providers at the push of a button and at very affordable rates, solving the tricky issue of cost and accessibility at the same time.

Medslat is a veritable go-between for everyone that holds his or her health sacrosanct and prompt access to the best healthcare professionals globally. We eliminate the barrier of timely and pocket-friendly medical services via Medslat healthcare service delivery solution.

Parts of our strategy are:

  • Creating a platform for providing prompt and affordable medical services using top-notch and cutting-edge healthcare solution technology.
  • Integrating e-prescription, EHR, telehealth, medical billing, e-laboratory and e-scan imaging practice, patient and hospital management system for better health care service delivery.
  • Demystifying the inaccessibility of some class of people to the best healthcare offerings.
  • Educating and growing a community of health conscious people in Africa and around the world.
  • Reducing the average time it takes to access medical professionals by as much as 35% or more where possible.
  • Improving the quality of health care service delivery by encouraging health care service providers to stick to their country standard of medicine practice.

Medslat seeks to spread to every country of the world especially the regions where qualitative healthcare services have become a luxury to the average citizen.