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E-lab - Electronic Laboratory and Scan Imaging Center

Medslat solution provides accessibility and very rare opportunities to order electronic laboratory test as well as e-scan imaging test with a view to enhancing healthcare service delivery by doctors and other providers. Often times, investigation cannot be concluded until proper and required medical laboratory and scan imaging test are carried out.

Therefore, in order to ensure that complete examination and investigations are carried out for best medical advice or prescription, electronic laboratory is of essence.

For this reason, Medslat aids doctor's practice by providing e-laboratory and e-scan imaging tools that enable inter-connected medical laboratory and scan imaging center to receive test order, carried out the test and upload it to the platform.

How does it work?

When a patient is recommended for a lab test;

  • The system allows the patient to book for the test online through Medslat E-lab application.
  • The patient visits the lab for the test.
  • The result is uploaded to the patient medical record, which can be accessed by both the doctor that recommended the test and the patient.
  • Doctor thereafter peruse the result and base his advice or judgment on the test result.