Electronic Health Record System

Medslat free EHR has made it possible for you to manage your EHR right from your comfort zone

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Medslat integrated EHR is designed to fit the way practitioners think and work. Custom built for web and mobile devices with awesome flexibility.

Medslat comes with super features that makes its EHR the best available for medical practice.

  • Simple patient registration
  • Adjustable scheduling calendar
  • Full e-Prescribing and ordering
  • Task list with reminder alerts system
  • Complete medication history look-up
  • Automated lab test order, lab test result review and routing
  • Templates for medical, surgical & family History
  • Flexible encounter templates
  • Favorite lists for labs, pharmaceutical store, and medications
  • Prescribing notification alerts & interaction checking
  • Patient education and health advice
  • Standard medication dosing auto-selections
  • Medication formulary
  • Electronic lab & imaging test ordering
  • Personalized patient instructions
  • Stay connected with your patient during an exam
  • Vital sign sync via third party application/medical devices
  • Growth charts
  • Immunization injection documentation
  • Immunization registry upload
  • Patient demographic import capabilities
  • Diagnosis codes auto-populate the bill
  • Accessible from most major web browsers
  • Secure patient portal
  • Patients review labs, medications & demographic information
  • Patient chart summary on the website
  • Chat & text, email & telephone support for life
  • Attest for Stage 1 or 2 Meaningful Use incentives with the certified.

No risk attached, it is completely free.

Medslat platform as an all-in-one health solution is design for mobility with the features to help you get out from behind the PC and engage with patients.

  • It is a flexible, tap and swipe, pick lists, templates, and telehealth support for better practice.
  • It is responsive and works on any web browser, iPad or iPad mini and all mobile devices no matter how small its screen size.
  • It is an innovative technology packed with full features that allow you to work wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • It enhance swapping between mobile device and computer with internet access.
  • Medslat EHR support intelligent building notes and management of patient interactions with ease.
  • It allows easy access to the patient information, chart with diagnoses, medications, allergies, and problem lists.
  • It offers shortcuts for 100 of the top primary care conditions with customizable templates.
  • It was built on industry- leading knowledge base for trusted clinical information.
  • It allows tracking of patients progress using our Meaningful use dashboard.

Why we're giving application and tools away is very simple:

  • We want to give you enough room to do what you know how to do best with ease.
  • We want you to see what Medslat can help you achieve if all limitation can be eliminate with no cost.
  • We strongly believe that if you like it, you’ll offer Medslat your billing services and other quality related services we offer too.
  • No ads, and selling of your information.

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