Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medslat?

Medslat is a free platform where patients, doctors and other providers are connected for better health service delivery. We integrate ICD-10 ready electronic health record, telehealth, revenue cycle management (medical billing), patient and practice management system for easy health service administration. Read more...

How do I sign up with Medslat?

You can go to Medslat home page at to sign up.
There you'll find a sign up button.
Once you click it, it'll take you to our welcome page where you'll asked to submit your name, email, phone number and also identify how you intend to use Medslat.
Once you're done with that, you can click on submit button and email verification link will be sent to you immediately

Please endeavor to check your email spam folder and whitelist Medslat in order for you not to miss out of our upcoming promotions.

Do I need an email to register with Medslat?

Yes! You need an email to register with Medslat such as

How do I get verified with Medslat as Physician?

Medslat Quality service delivery team will run an underground check (according to the concerned country or state policy of practice) on every physician to ensure that they are qualified and certified physician or provider before they will be fully allowed to practice on Medslat platform.

Why should I trust Medslat with my personal health record?

We deploy secured-cloud server technology with multiple encryption to safeguard your data and avoid intrusion to your personal health record. Here at Medslat, we respect your privacy and we don't joke with or trade patient data for profit. Outside you and whoever you grant access like your physician or next-of-kin, no other person is allow to view your data.

When will Medslat be fully launched?

Medslat is under development, we are launching soon. You'll be informed when it is about time for us to fully launch.

How do I contact Medslat?

You can use our contact us link at the menu bar or footer widget to contact our customer support team.

What is the core area of Medslat?

Our core area still remain ICD-10 ready electronic health record (EHR), telehealth, revenue cycle management (medical billing), patient and practice management system.

How does Medslat Telehealth works?

Medslat Telehealth allows you to search for medical specialist within a range that is permitted by your country or state medical policy, get electronic prescription, consult doctor online via a live audio/video chat session and book appointment where necessary for online follow up meeting with the physician.

What is EHR?

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounters in any care delivery setting.

Can I run paperless clinic/hospital with Medslat application?

Yes! Medslat provides various tools and applications for smooth running of paperless hospital management system for solo practice, small practice and large group of clinic. With Medslat hospital management system, you'll never need to worry yourself about stationery cost and issues again. You'll cut your cost of operation by at least 10%.

How do I transfer my patients data to Medslat EHR?

We have team of dedicated customer support team that is 24/7 on desk ready to work directly with you to help you with the uploads. Where you have all your data available in our excel sheet format. Our team will help you transfer the data for absolutely free of charge.

How do I switch from my current EHR to Medslat EHR?

Our customer support team will work with you to have smooth switch from your current EHR to our EHR for free.

What is Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use is using certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to:

  • Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities.
  • Engage patients and family.
  • Improve care coordination, and population and public health.
  • Maintain privacy and security of patient health information.

How do I start Meaningful Use?

You'll need to practice on a certified electronic health record (EHR) technology with primary aim of the above definition of Meaning Use.

How does Medslat medical billing and revenue cycle management work?

Here at Medslat, we believe that revenue cycle starts when the patient alert doctor's office for an appointment or consultation and the patient's data like name, phone number, and maybe the name of their insurance company are captured. To ensure that there is an effective and transparent marriage between claims data, clinical data and IT, Medslat medical billing system put all the necessary tools in place to help providers eliminate bad debt and also help patient get the best deal possible.

Can I setup online pharmaceutical store on Medslat?

Yes you can! But you'll need to satisfy your state or country policy for trading medication. Once, we verify that you're allowed within your code of conduct to trade medication as pharmaceutical store, your application will be approved and you'll be guided on how to set up your store in less than 24 hours.

Who are the service providers on Medslat?

Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Insurance, Laboratory and Imaging Centers, Hospitals.

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