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Medslat Medical Billing/E-wallet System

Medical billing takes a process of submitting and following up on claims with HMO (Health Management Organization) with the main goal of receiving payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. Medslat billing/e-wallet system serves the purpose of interacting with healthcare providers, patients, and insurance payers for convenience and better experience. Medical billing and coding are closely related in modern health care delivery. Both practices are essential reimbursement cycle that ensures health care providers are paid for the services rendered as at when due.

Medslat medical billing/e-wallet is structured to help you retrieve all your claims and get you paid faster than any of its contemporaries. Our medical billing system takes the information from our medical coder and prepares electronic bill/invoice for the patient or insurance company as a claim that would be paid into Medslat e-wallet as an escrow. The automated biller follows through to ensure that you get paid for the services you have performed as a provider once your patient acknowledges satisfactory service rendered. So, you won't need to be all around your payers or the insurance companies for your claims, Medslat will help you take care of the rest.

For clarity sake of how medical billing works on Medslat, let's look at an example. John login to Medslat as a patient, searches and books for online consultation with Dr. Grace... John's vitals are taking through portable digital vital taking devices and recorded in his chart session. Examinations through video chat indicate hacking cough, high production of mucus or sputum, and a fever. Dr. Grace recommends some initial test via e-lab test on Medslat and its result examined by Dr. Grace shows that John is diagnosed for bronchitis. Grace then prescribes medication for John. John orders for e-prescription from Samuel Pharmacy premises, which gets delivered to him at the comfort of his home. He further goes ahead to hire the services of Nurse Sarah to administer the medicine.

For Medslat medical billing system, the medical billing process begins when patient calls/alerts the doctor and schedules an appointment with the providers online. Medslat medical biller takes the codes, which shows the kind of services to be rendered. At every point of the transaction in the above example, John has to pay by funding his Medslat e-wallet or supply his insurance cover. Providers are given power to set their individual bills. Claims are generated based on using our simple medical biller application. Our biller sends claims to the insurance company based on pre-approved insured for evaluation and account resolution. Medslat makes it much easier for HMO to manage health, pay claims and track transaction of its insured.

No complexity whatsoever in our medical billing and e-wallet system, it is made simple for both payers and providers. We ensure that patients get the services they are paying for, while providers get access to their money almost immediately the patient acknowledge satisfactory service. No prank, no smart game, everything is tracked against any sharp practices from either side.

Another measure we always put in place to ensure claims are redeemed for providers is to encourage patients to have enough credits in their Medslat e-wallet account before engaging any service provider on our platform. Our medical biller team is in charge of making sure the healthcare provider is properly reimbursed for their services by simply translating comprehensive medical codes into a financial report using encrypted Medslat medical biller and follow through to ensure that health care service providers get paid faster enough.