Medslat Hire

Medslat hire is born out of passion for busy people, people abroad or at distant location and still owe debt of being responsible for the health care f their loved ones. Often time, there are places around the world where medical insurance are not that popular or being patronized and there occasion when people from such places needs to service of doctors or nurses or other related healthcare providers. Medslat is positioned to help such people solve their problem by providing a trustworthy platform and application that enhance smooth hiring services of medical specialist, and medical equipment at pre-determine rate.

You can henceforth get any medical specialist hired to take care of your distant loved ones while you sit back and track all the activities and transaction in real time. Moreover, you can also hired any medical professionals like physician, nurse or pharmacist to work in your clinic home. For instance, pharmaceutical store can hired the services of verified pharmacist to manage their online store and cart on our platform from distant location in altogether saving money and reaching new horizon.

You can access Medslat hire services platform through our dashboard. Medslat will announce the launch of its hire services once it is ready to deploy.