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Medslat Referral Program

Medslat referral program is a reward system for every user of Medslat that is interested in helping us share the Medslat message. How does it work? When you signup on Medslat as a first time user, the system will generate a unique referral link that you can use to send traffic to the website.

You get a point that is converted to money which is cashable at anytime you wish, when that person registered using your referral link. The system comes with 60 days cookie that allows you to still get reward even if the traffic you send takes as much as 60 days to register. We provide you with real time tracking system to know how many people signed up through your referral link and numbers of claims that are not yet claimed.

You have got nothing to lose but everything to gain. Start sending your friends and family to register with Medslat. Earn reward for doing so and build wonderful future of abundant connection and opportunity for yourself, family and friends right now.