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Solo Practice

Solo practice is simply defined as a practice without partners or employment affiliations with other practice organizations. Medslat solo practice application offers you access to tools and resources, that help you get paid and also improve the level of care you provide to your patients. This autonomy of being the only physician gives the advantage of being able to design, grow, and develop the practice as desired relative to other practice settings. Be that as it may, Medslat solo practice gives you access to sizable patients coupled with the opportunity to develop close and inter-personal relationships with your patients, and staff while deploying your own unique style of medical care. Here we move a step further from clients/patients relationship management to clients/patients ownership.

Our solo practice helps you remove substantial financial risk due to the costs of doing business (such as hiring staff and maintaining malpractice coverage), possible lack of patronage, the small patient base, shifting patient allegiances because of insurance issues, and lost income caused by illness or vacation. Medslat solo practice is not affected by either you live and practice in suburban or rural areas as most traditional solo practice is often better suited for rural areas because of significant medical need and less competition from other medical resources. As a matter of fact, Medslat redefines the hitherto exaggerated world of medical care provision to a compressed global medical village where you reach, examine and manage your patients anywhere, anytime at a flip of fingers.

Another benefit of running a solo practice on Medslat is that you as a physician possess the ability to practice and manage all business aspects as desired. Having control over developments which include but not limited to overseeing all business operations, ranging from patients health records management to financial records. Your ownership also presents you the opportunity to develop highly rewarding relationships with both patients and other colleague worldwide using already made tools and resources made available for you by Medslat.