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Medslat is offering a Telehealth as tool for health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. Our Telehealth goal is to make it easier for people to connect with their physician, manage their EHR and get electronic prescription or medical advice that will prompt better and healthier living. Medslat telehealth application gives you the tools to better manage your health right from self-diagnoses application, researching treatment options to emailing or live chat with your doctor.

Our telehealth is changing how you stay in touch with your physician, get e-prescription, purchase medications online and hire health-related services and equipments, and even search for information about your health problems. If you haven't yet start using cost effective, affordable and quality health services of telehealth to manage your health, then it is time to switch to Medslat telehealth application. It comes with bundles of benefits and it is absolutely free.

Medslat Telehealth - What's It About?

Telehealth is simply exploring digital information and communication technologies to manage your health and well-being. Medslat Telehealth is giving you a free platform to search for medical specialist to talk to for medical advice or stay connected with your physician for better health. There are more to what you stand to enjoy as a result of integrated system of Medslat applications that make users manage their EHR and medical billing in form of complete patient health management system for absolutely free. Part of our e-health features includes but not limited to the following:

  • Remote monitoring of vital signs, such as blood pressure, BMI, or symptoms
  • Online doctor visits via live video/audio chat
  • Email and online communication with health care providers
  • Electronic prescription and medication history look-up
  • Order medications online via nearest pharmaceutical store closer to you
  • Flexible appointment scheduling with doctors
  • Self-diagnoses online application
  • Online health information and self-management tools
  • Electronic health records
  • Order testing supplies and medications online.
  • Online support groups
  • Get email, text or phone reminders when you need a flu shot, foot exam or other preventive care.

These and many more are what Medslat telehealth tool provides for its users. People suffering from diabetes can now take advantage of free Medslat telehealth to manage their health without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Interested in learning more? Check out the following ways technology can help you better manage your health.

Medslat E-visits - What's It About?

Out of giving best value for our platform users, we come up with a feature call an e-visit. E-visit is a doctor's appointment you book online instead of in-office visit in person or live video chat. The system permit you to type in your question or problem and your message is sent to your health care provider, who reviews it and sends a response. It is done through a progression of questions and answer messaging system. Where necessary, you may receive an electronic prescription for medication, a recommendation for a follow-up appointment often occur in many cases or other advice. You can be rest assured that your messages are secure on our cloud-server with deploying of well-secured server technology. It simply mean that no one else can see or read your messages. However, where it is consider essential on line telehealth e-visits can take place via a video conference.

Medslat e-visits and telehealth is design to save you money and your doctor time compared with in-office visits. E-visit and telehealth will be more helpful for people in rural areas and those having problem accessing good health care services or people who don't have easy access to transportation in their local area.

Managing personal health records

In the time past traditional method health care services practical make it uneasy for a personal health recording. Considering rigorous task of requesting for your personal health record that is only available with your clinic/physician stack of files in its ever incomplete and inappropriate format. With advent of EHR, a personal health record is make possible and easier for anyone to have full access and control over his/her health record. This is a collection of information about your health that you control and maintain. To make life more easier, Medslat EHR make easier to transfer your basic personal health record on paper records by uploading it as document or file your Medslat dashboard under document/file for better health record keeping. You can now remove the barrier of rarely having access to your health records when you often need them.

Electronic personal health record systems is being viewed as electronic health record EHR in Medslat platform. It is a system that make your personal health record accessible to you anytime via a Web-enabled device, such as your PC, tablet or smartphone. We believe that having access to your personal health record electronically can be a lifesaver. In case of an emergency, victim can quickly give emergency personnel his/her vital information, and where necessary he/she can give them information like a disease he/she's being treated for, medications he/she take, drugs allergic to, and how to contact his/her family doctor.

Doctors engaging doctors

Medslat health care services platform provides room for doctors to also take advantage of our platform to provide better care to their patients. This can easily be achievable by using virtual consultations that allow primary care physicians to get input from medical specialists when they have questions about a particular diagnosis or treatment. Such physician can sends test results, X-rays or other images to the specialist to review and respond electronically or request e-visit or a face-to-face meeting where most needed. In few cases, the specialist may demand to examine the patient via video live chat. Medslat Telehealth is making like easier for its users. With Medslat telehealth, you can save money, save time and save life.

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