About Medslat Knowledge Base

Medslat knowledge base is a directory through which you have access to “How to Use Medslat” resources. You get to learn how to explore our website and make good use of Medslat platform services.
We believe that people should be able to access their health record at the swipe of a finger, consult with any doctor or consultant both far and near as well as get administered to with ease no matter their location. We identify the cry of most people in remote parts of the world, which is the inability to access qualified medical and healthcare providers; Therefore, Medslat is a res-ponder to this challenge.
Deploying virtual intelligence to deliver top-notch medical and healthcare services definitely require new wave of healthcare service delivery, which both providers and patients need to understand how the technology work to their benefits.
Medslat solution is designed with one major objective in mind to save lives and money by reducing the cost and time most people would probably spend accessing such needed medical and healthcare services 

Eliminating the barrier of timely and pocket-friendly medical services via Medslat healthcare service delivery solution is our major focus. Educating and growing a community of health conscious people in Africa and around the world on the use of internet technology to facilitate e-prescription, EHR, telehealth, medical billing, e-laboratory and e-scan imaging practice, patient and hospital management system for better health care service delivery require continuous effort.

We implore you to take your time to study our knowledge base for better understanding on the use of Medslat for better healthcare service delivery.