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Why Medslat?

24/7 affordable healthcare at a flip of finger.

Electronic access to health records on fast & secure cloud server.

Verified, experienced & professional healthcare providers.

Connect however you want, whenever you desire, wherever you are.

How it works?

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Accessing affordable healthcare with Medslat is very simple. It takes less than 2 minutes on your internet driven device be it your phone, iPad, tablet or PC. Sign up now by clicking the button below.

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What are you still waiting for? Start searching for the right doctor or specialist to consult about the symptoms you are having from Medslat pool of experienced, certified and verified healthcare providers.

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Once you find the doctor or specialist you want to consult, check his/her availability and go ahead to book an appointment.

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Now that you have booked an appointment and the appointment is approved. It is time to get the care you need from that health professionals across Medslat platform.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Medslat

Save Money

  • No monthly or annual subscription charges.
  • Saves on out of pocket expenses.
  • Less expensive than conventional in-office, EHR or Emergency care visits.
  • Take less time off to receive care.

Save Time

  • 24/7 availability anywhere across the world.
  • Get your questions answered and treatment in minutes.
  • No waiting rooms, no waiting weeks for an appointment or closed offices.
  • Connect using your favorite internet driven device.

Save Live

  • Get treatment fast by highly qualified, experienced doctors & health professionals.
  • Covers you and your entire family at a go.
  • 94% resolution with 97% members satisfaction.
  • Acceptable for all - cater for your long distant family members.

Our Audience


  • Get instant consultation in no time.
  • Affordable healthcare for all guaranteed.
  • 24/7 access to doctors and specialists.
  • Order for e-lab test, medicine via e-prescription or referred to hospital.


  • Take your practice to new level with solo practice.
  • Low cost platform for hospitals management system, e-lab, e-blood banking and online pharmacy.
  • Get patients reffered to your practice with easy follow up system from anywhere.
  • Using top-notch online hospital management technology to de-congest your facility waiting rooms.


  • Start solo practice and earn extra income consulting with patients.
  • Work at comfort of your convenience anytime anywhere.
  • Access and manage your private patients from anywhere of your choice.
  • Get exposed to thousands of colleagues and specialist, publications and research works globally.


  • Spend less while gaining more on staff healthcare packages.
  • Increase productivity by reducing production downtime, staff absenteeism and time off.
  • Follow up staff health status at a click of button and shorten hospital visit to +/- 25 mins.
  • Access to simple but robust staff healthcare data analysis to help your budget on staff health benefit.


  • Simple medical biller and transparent management of claims.
  • Reasonable method to lower capitation cost, and increased profit.
  • Available telemedicine and all-in-one healthcare delivery solution offered to your clients.
  • Affordable healthcare delivery service for patients with chronic health challenges.


  • Possibility of quality healthcare access to rural communities and people from remote areas.
  • Reasonable reduction of medical tourism in search of specialists as these specialists can be accessed on everyone's palm.
  • Drastic low-cost healthcare services to citizens no matter the geographical location.
  • Opening job opportunities for healthcare providers , reducing brain drain syndome and contributing to annual GDP while reducing pressure on FX.

Consult a doctor from anywhere online

  • Book online / in-office consultation appointment.
  • Manage schedule with your physician anywhere.
  • Stay connected with your doctor during an examination.
  • Order electronic lab, scan and imaging test online.
  • Connect with people that matter to your well-being right from comfort of your home.
  • Get access to your health records anywhere and anytime.
  • Order for electronic prescription online and get it delivered to you.

Complete Patient Management System for Doctors

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Manage your patients online
Order E-Lab Test

What user says

Medslat... Privilege to meet with doctors of different specialty under one roof, how amazing.

Dr Okpara Victor, Optometry O.D 2007, Nigeria

What a wonderful experience to have complete control over my health record, I can't wait for the full features

Buchi Thomas, Nigeria

Hurry!!! Waiting to see MEDSLAT online. Can't wait to see you at the top. Congratulations!!!

Dr Ogbakpah Tekevwe, Nigeria